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Who is Vampire Penguin?

Vampire Penguin "Vampy" is a penguin who lives in the North Pole, even though there aren't any other penguins in the North Pole. Vampy lives there because he is a vampire! Stylishly eerie, the caped avian rules the dark polar skies, but behind his nonchalant eyes, Vampy truly misses his penguin family. He longs to be with them, hence, he conjures shaved snow magic in the form of fluffy, cakey ice desserts to bring friends and families together. This brings him a source of infinite joy, to his infinite void.

Group Photo.png

Meet the crew... Vampy is his name and making snow magic is his game. Vampy met his two new besties while in "Ice-olation" at the North Pole. Walter the Walrus is a jolly, friendly fellow and Paula the Polar Bear whom is sweet and kind.  They come together to enjoy the delicious frozen snow desserts and potions!

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